Pasta & Salad Please

Believe it or not but these posts actually take quite some time to create… so I’m trying my best to post as frequently as I can! I need to thank one of my lovely friends for giving me some extra encouragement in continuing my blog.… Read More

Simply Sweet Salad

I know I post a lot of salad recipes… but this one is extra special. I’m usually the salad chef in my house but my little sister actually discovered this recipe. She loves recipes that require you to make homemade sauces or dressings. This one… Read More

Time to Refresh

After taking quite a long hiatus, I thought it was time to refresh the blog with a new simplified layout, along with some exciting new content. As you can already tell, my blog was not the only one that needed to refresh. Last week I had the most… Read More

Welcome to My Breakfast Club

Whenever I have late nights (and possibly indulge myself with a drink or two…), I wake up in the morning with a feeling of extreme hunger. Though I know my stomach wants a stack of pancakes or some cinnamon-covered french toast, I unfortunately do not… Read More

My List of Wishes

With the Cyber Monday craze happening tomorrow, I have been non-stop browsing online sites for various goodies to add to my holiday wish list. For my first wish list attempt, I used the online site Keep. If you haven’t checked out this site already… well, uh,… Read More

Not Your Average Caesar

When I’m in a rush or feeling lazy (all too often), I don’t have the motivation to brainstorm one of my special salad creations. So I turn to my go-to salad: The Caesar Salad. But, like almost everything I do, I try to add a… Read More